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The Most Reachable Generation!

By: David J. Swandt, Founder and President - Twenty20 Faith

This past year, world population has soared to an estimated 7.87 Billion people, and according to both the Barna Group and the Joshua Project, approximately 3.3 Billion of them remain largely unreached by the message of Christ.

But this is changing . . .

At least 51% of those 3.3 Billion unreached people through 2021 use a smartphone in their daily life, and with only limited exception, have access to the YouVersion Bible App (of which Twenty20 Faith is a content partner) in their language.

And even more striking is that over the next 5 years, the growth of the number of people using smartphones will substantially outpace population growth. By 2027, world population is estimated to be 8.33 Billion, and 92.3% (7.69 Billion) of them will be regular smartphone users.

That means by 2027 at least 82% of unreached people will be engage-able through mobile technology - making this generation "The Most Reachable" in human history. And while reaching the unreached remains a complex endeavor even with technology, Twenty20 Faith is strategically positioned to continue playing a key role in God's unfolding plan to do so.


"Again Jesus said, 'Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.'"

John 20:21


We are so grateful and honored by all who have partnered with us in God's work to reach the lost.

THANK YOU for all you do.




Twenty20 Faith's Leadership Circle community is our opportunity to give back and say "Thank You!" to those who have so generously invested into God's kingdom through Twenty20 Faith. These complimentary luncheons for Leadership Level donors are for networking, inspiration, great food and fellowship!

Invitations for Texas-based Leadership Level donors will be sent shortly. Learn how to become a Leadership Circle Member and mark your calendars:

WHEN: Friday Oct. 28th from 11:45am to 1:00pm

WHERE: Estancia Brazilian Steakhouse (Arboretum - Austin, TX)

Our guest speaker: PIET VAN WAARDE

After 40 years of pastoral ministry Piet is now serving as a ‘pastor at large’ through the creation of daily text devotions called Pocket Prayers, a weekly podcast entitled SideWalk Conversations, and writing for two local magazines on topics of human interest.

He is the founder and president of SideWalk Consulting. In that capacity, he has taught at the University of Missouri Graduate School of Business on team-building and leadership development. He has consulted at numerous firms and has served on multiple non-profit boards. He has written three books: Building Teams that L.A.S.T, unsettled and his most recent book of poetry and photography entitled, The Black Sheep Diary.

For more info about Piet and his ministry visit:




Over the past several weeks, we have launched 3 new languages, bringing our full program support to a total of 47. We are so very grateful for each of these language sponsors - you've made this outreach possible!



#45 - BENGALI:

Bengali is an official language of Bangladesh and India, and is spoken by 230 Million people worldwide.

#46 - CATALAN:

Catalan is spoken by 9 Million people predominantly in the Catalonian region of northeast Spain.

#47 - FINNISH:

Finnish is spoken as a first language by 90% of Finland's population. In total, 5 Million people speak it worldwide.

If you would like to learn more about sponsoring a new language, we would be honored by your consideration. To learn more, visit


we're grateful for your generosity!


GIVE A ONE TIME or MONTHLY GIFT of $25, $50, $100, $200 or another amount God may place upon your heart. You can do so by Debit or Credit Card by selecting:


OR, make checks payable and mail directly to:

Twenty20 Faith, Inc.

P.O. Box 2437

Cedar Park, TX 78630



TO SPONSOR A LANGUAGE translation for $2,500, please visit our Programs page, or Contact Us to confirm a list of opportunities.

FOR IN-KIND DONATIONS of Stocks & Bonds, or to donate an un-used Vehicle, visit our More Ways to Give page for instructions.

THANK YOU for your prayerful and generous consideration. Our prayer is that God will pour out His blessings and favor into all areas of your life!

If you have any questions or comments, send email directly to:


Twenty20 Faith, Inc. is a 501c3 Tax Exempt Organization, and is recognized by GuideStar as a Platinum Level Charity - their highest rating.

Donations made to Twenty20 Faith, Inc. are tax deductible within the limits of the IRS Code.


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