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GotQuestions Partnership Impact - First 6 Months

By: David J. Swandt, Founder and President - Twenty20 Faith

In March of this year, we embarked on a new referral partnership with one of the largest and most significant digital ministries in the world - GotQuestions Ministries ( Working in concert with our YouVersion partnership, the collective focus of this new endeavor is to make Twenty20 Faith's discipleship program available to visitors who are brand new Christians, or those contemplating the Christian faith but have not yet made that commitment.

Through this New Partnership to Date:

2,300+ readers have engaged Twenty20 Faith's discipleship program.

19 of our 55 languages are launched and currently available.

** 156 people have given their life to Christ! **

God is good! Our plan is to continue expansion as He enables.


GotQuestions & Twenty20 Faith Partnership

Geographic Impact:

In addition to numerical growth, our GotQuestions Partnership has helped:

1) Further Expand our Ministry Coverage Geographically:

Twenty20 Faith has extremely high, concentrated engagement through YouVersion across Central and South America, with US engagement less pronounced. The inverse is true for Gotquestions referrals, providing more balanced overall ministry coverage. Additionally, Gotquestions has afforded greater opportunity to reach into Europe, China and certain regions of Africa.

2) Provide More Ways to Access our Devotionals:

Twenty20 Faith continues as it has over the years ministering to many thousands of people through the YouVersion Bible App. But with, outreach through additional digital avenues is now occurring successfully and growing. Whether originating with a Google Search or as a returning user, visitors interested in the topic of Salvation or, "how do I get to Heaven?" will likely be presented with an opportunity to engage Twenty20 Faith's discipleship materials in their language.




Jack Featherston is a devoted Christian of many years, a Sr. Analyst by profession, a husband and father, and an avid mountain biker in his spare time. Jack is also Treasurer and member of Twenty20 Faith's Board of Directors.

A few years ago on a solo mountain bike ride, Jack took a freak fall injuring his shoulder. While deeply frustrated at the injury and inconvenience of follow-on medical procedures, the doctors, by chance, noticed a spot on his lung while imaging his shoulder (which turned out to be cancerous).

They eliminated the cancer through surgery one year ago. Today, Jack is living cancer free. Had it not been for the mountain bike injury, in all probability Jack would be unaware of the malignant cancer growing in his lung until it had spread and become a life-threatening condition. Read Jack's full story here.


"We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

Just as we celebrate God's faithfulness to Jack, we also rejoice in the truth that His promise is for all who love our wonderful God. If you would like prayer for any reason to realize this promise in your life, simply reply to this email to let us know. Our prayer team will intercede for you.




Twenty20 Faith has completed 2 critical infrastructure and technology upgrades to enable growth and improve ministry experience for those engaging our programs. These center on 2 ministry objectives:

1) 100+ LANGUAGE SUPPORT: We've consolidated our website and multi-lingual ministry communication management into a single integrated platform which provides capability and support for our current 55 languages and a pathway for growth to 100+ languages in the future.



2) GOTQUESTIONS PARTNERSHIP INTEGRATION: We've completed the linkages and build-out of a multi-lingual hosting environment for mobile-friendly engagement of our devotionals - hosted on - from constituents. 19 Languages are available.


FUNDING: Partially funded - $8,000 STILL NEEDED


The GotQuestions Partnership opportunity came to Twenty20 Faith subsequent to our FY2023 Budgeting Cycle.

We would be honored by your consideration to help close our funding gap on this critical partnership before end of year. In advance, THANK YOU for your consideration to do so.


we're grateful for your generosity!


GIVE A ONE TIME or MONTHLY GIFT of $25, $50, $100, $200 or another amount God may place upon your heart. You can do so by Debit or Credit Card by selecting:


OR, make checks payable and mail directly to:

Twenty20 Faith, Inc.

P.O. Box 2437

Cedar Park, TX 78630



TO SPONSOR A LANGUAGE translation for $2,500, please visit our Language Sponsorship Opportunities page, or Contact Us to confirm a list of opportunities.

FOR IN-KIND DONATIONS of Stocks & Bonds, or to donate an un-used Vehicle, visit our More Ways to Give page for instructions.

THANK YOU for your prayerful and generous consideration. Our prayer is that God will pour out His blessings and favor into all areas of your life!

If you have any questions or comments, send email directly to:


Twenty20 Faith, Inc. is a 501c3 Tax Exempt Organization, and is recognized by GuideStar as a Platinum Level Charity - their highest rating.

Donations made to Twenty20 Faith, Inc. are tax deductible within the limits of the IRS Code.


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