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Language Sponsor Opportunities

Language sponsorships are a great way to help reach a people group with a message of God's love in their native language.  Each new language launched helps readers who may be contemplating a relationship with Christ understand the unbound, unconditional love of God to them, and that God's love through Christ is the only resolution to that void so many feel on the inside.

Each language sponsorship is $2,500.

We would be honored to help reach people you have a particular heart for around the world through a language sponsorship.  Please see available list of sponsorship opportunities below. 

Email us to confirm your selection at:

Then process your sponsorship payment on our DONATE PAGE


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  • Shona

  • Zulu

  • Amharic

  • Xhosa  

  • Georgian

  • Armenian

  • Yoruba  

  • Tswana

  • Kurdish - ** SPONSORED 3/13/2024

  • Igbo - ** SPONSORED 5/4/2024

  • Lingala

Indian man

india, burma & nepal:

  • Kannada

  • Burmese - ** SPONSORED 5/4/2024

  • Gujarati

Image by Bluewater Sweden


  • Belarusian 

  • Latvian - ** SPONSORED 3/19/2024

  • Welsh

  • Danish

  • Icelandic

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