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Great Memories from "Celebration of Nations!" 2022

By: David J. Swandt, Founder and President - Twenty20 Faith


On Saturday May 14, 2022, Twenty20 Faith hosted its first Annual Dinner Banquet - "A CELEBRATION OF NATIONS!" - at the beautiful Kalahari Resort and Conference Center in Round Rock, TX.

It was an incredible evening of celebration and worship. And through the tireless efforts of all involved, a host of amazing memories were made. Together, we spent the evening celebrating the extraordinary work God is authoring in the lives of so many around the world through Twenty20 Faith.

We would like to say THANK YOU to all of our donors and partners - through your extraordinary generosity, we raised $35,405 to advance the mission of Twenty20 Faith around the world. We are humbled and grateful for all you do.

As part of your generous giving, we received 8 new language sponsorships, and over the course of the next several months, we'll be launching:

Hungarian (Scheduled to launch 6/14/2022)







(One language still to be determined by sponsor)

THANK YOU to all for your generosity! May God bless you beyond measure.




The Opening Flag Ceremony set the tone to the entire evening. THANK YOU to Rebecca Swandt and the incredible students of Regents School of Austin for making this such a special experience for all of our guests!




Aida Nacro - who led the charge on giving us our first full translation (French language) in 2017, opened up our evening dinner prayer in both French and English.

Pastors Sam and Kelly Mata inspired us with encouraging words of faith, and told the story of how some campfire discussions on a short term missions trip to Botswana, Africa eventually unfolded into the amazing work God is authoring through Twenty20 Faith today.

And Ron and Katie Brigmon of Brigmon Ministries gave us such an uplifting benediction and closing prayer to our wonderful evening.

You helped make our evening so very special. We thank you all.




Over the past year, Twenty20 Faith has been the privileged recipient of some incredible volunteer work from 10 amazing students of The Regents School of Austin. The volunteer program - coordinated through the Regents service council - helped provide Twenty20 Faith with more than 200 hours of volunteer service from Regents students preparing language research reports and ministry planning information.

It was such an honor to have these amazing students join us to allow us to honor them and their work.

THANK YOU to all of the Regents School of Austin student volunteers!




We introduced you to our incredible Board of Directors:

Brandon Frye:

Director (2.5 Years) - oversees our Marketing and Fundraising Portfolio

Kevin Jones:

Director (2.5 Years) - oversees our Global Ministry Programs Portfolio

Jack Featherston:

Director, Treasurer (Founding member) - oversees our Finance Portfolio

David Swandt (Jr.)

Director, Secretary (Founding member) - oversees our Operations and Technology Portfolio

David Swandt (Sr.)

Founder and President, Director


together we celebrated!


We shared through a variety of means the impact that God has authored through Twenty20 Faith over these past four years, and the journey of miracles that brought us to this extraordinary, honorable place.

And we shared with joyous anticipation what we believe God has placed in our hearts for the nearer and longer term future of the ministry of Twenty20 Faith.

THANK YOU to all for joining us, and to the Kalahari Resort and Conference Center in Round Rock, TX for helping to make this such a wonderful evening.

And we give a special "Thank You" to Jonathan Owen and Tier One Creative from Colorado Springs for their outstanding work producing the video content and photography for Celebration of Nations!


Twenty20 Faith, Inc. is a 501c3 Tax Exempt Organization, and is recognized by GuideStar as a Platinum Level Charity - their highest rating.

Donations made to Twenty20 Faith, Inc. are tax deductible within the limits of the IRS Code.


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